Bible Blessings – The Future – John 18:4

Blessings of hope in God!  Prayer requests?

John 18:4, “Then Jesus, knowing all that would happen to him, came forward and said to them, “Whom do you seek?”

In recent days it’s been pretty dry at the ranch. We need rain and lots of it, but receive only the occasional shower and it’s short-lived at that. We’re just glad it’s not as bad as two years ago and our two ponds still hold water for the cattle. As much as I wish, I can’t know the exact when and where of rainfall.

Recently I taught chapter 18 from the Gospel of John to a group at church.  This chapter recounts Jesus’ arrest (v1-13), persecution (v19-24, 28-38a) and rejection (v38b-40) by the people. It also includes Simon Peter’s denial of Jesus (v15-18, 25-27). Many lessons stand out in this account, but in my preparation verse 4, and particularly this phrase, struck me, “… knowing all that would happen to him …” (italics mine). Jesus actually knew what was about to take place as He faced arrest, persecution and eventual death.  He was neither surprised nor overpowered by the forces against Him, but expected these events.  He also knew the end of the story – His coming resurrection and victory over sin and death.

If Jesus knew future events, then why, as Christians, do we dismiss His power and authority and relegate Him to the sidelines of daily life?  Why do we doubt His knowledge of the world’s situation and His ability to do anything about it?  Why do you think He doesn’t know about your life – pain endured, sorrow felt, decisions pondered, burdens carried, and joys experienced? Why do we view Him as ineffectual and irrelevant? Maybe we simply don’t look for Him and acknowledge His presence. Maybe we don’t stay in contact with the Bible, His Eternal Word. Maybe we don’t talk to Him in prayer. What is your reason?

Just as I don’t know about the rain, of course, I don’t know the future. I don’t even know what will happen the rest of this day. But I don’t have to because God knows! Like Jesus’ life, He already worked it out. That knowledge brings me hope and comfort.  I know God is in control and I simply trust Him as I take the next step. As 2 Corinthians 5:7 states, I can “walk by faith not by sight.”

Refuse to be overpowered by the forces against you … Jesus stands strong on your side! Stay close to Him. This is future’s best place to be … and today’s too!

Faith Walking into God’s Future, PJ

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