The Step Out – Psalm 143:8

Blessings of a new path! Prayer requests?

Psalm 143:8, “Let me hear Your lovingkindness in the morning; For I trust in You; Teach me the way in which I should walk; For to You I lift up my soul.”

Freezing temperatures lie in wait outside my cabin in the woods. Wind gusts barrel through the tall pines, empty aspens, and across the snow lassoing huge shovelfuls before slamming against outside walls. The crackling fire softens the howls and I snuggle into my hoodie stuffing chilled hands deep into warm pockets. I could layer up in long johns, fleece pullover, snow pants, and heavy boots topped with a down jacket, woolen cap and thick gloves to venture outdoors. But it seems like a lot of trouble. Besides, I don’t want to leave my coziness with a view of the snow blanketed valley.

Too often you may be like me this morning, satisfied with where I am and growing more complacent by the minute. But are you really where God wants you at this point of life? Is this what it’s all about? What about thoughts that flitter in and out of your mind and whisper, “There’s something bigger and better for you?” What’s tugging at your heart today?

Perhaps now is the time to gear up and venture out; to take that step of faith; to walk away from comfort and convenience; to take a chance; to refuse to settle for a mere view of what life could be and grab the new, the more, the better.

Maybe your step means choosing Jesus or more involvement at church, volunteering for a ministry or even a mission trip to faraway lands. Maybe your step causes a job, location, school, church or relationship change. Maybe you need to meet new people or repair old connections. Maybe you ought to morph your hobby into a vocation or vice versa. Maybe your step is a new view of self or of the past to bring healing to your present and hope to the future.

Whatever God has for you, are you ready to leave what has been? While change may appear overwhelming God walks with you all the way. Will you step out today?

Venturing (Where I Need to Go) with Jesus, PJ   COPYRIGHT ©2014 PJ Gover (PJ’s devotional book)


About PJGover

PJ is a writer and Bible teacher who explores His Word and Way while imbedded within the world's insanity!
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