Memorial Day and Open Doors

“Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh; is anything too difficult for Me?” Jeremiah 32:27

As we consider Memorial Day and what it means, we open doors to the past. We remember doors of service, honor, and loyalty opened by brave men and women who protected, and continue to protect, freedom and privilege. And we offer grateful hearts.

As we anticipate the future, sometimes a door cracks open for us that may, or may not, hold future opportunity. We find ourselves peeking around the edge of the door hoping it opens all the way. It’s like having a ticket on a flight that’s several months from now. Travel preparations are made and then departure day arrives. One drives to the airport, parks, gets a boarding pass, checks bags, winds through security, finds the gate, and settles down to wait for the flight. When the announcement finally comes everyone lines up with boarding passes in hand, anticipating official permission to board. We hope for an on time flight, no mechanical difficulties, and good weather.

Times of waiting call for patience. In the meantime, we can remember God’s plan is right and His timing perfect for any open doors that come. And if the door never fully opens and we’re never ‘granted permission to board,’ then that is in God’s hand, too. Ultimately there are no worries with God. We can’t lose because God protects and provides. He has our backs!

“(We are to be) strengthened with all power, according to His glorious might, for the attaining of all steadfastness and patience. . .” Colossians 1:11 “. . . you may stand perfect and fully assured in all the will of God.” Colossians 4:12.

How do you handle your ‘waiting times’? With grace or grief? Give all over to God and remember all who have served our Nation proudly for over two centuries.

Blessings of patience for God’s plans! Prayer requests?

“Dear Lord, help me to wait patiently with simple faith and steadfast obedience for your perfect timing, and be grateful for our Service men and women. Thank you, Amen.”

Waiting Patiently and Gratefully, PJ

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PJ is a writer and Bible teacher who explores His Word and Way while imbedded within the world's insanity!
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